BElieve in YOUrself :D

A kind of welcome post

I loved to write since I was little, later I started getting paid for this. As I already told you, I am addicted to stories and this I want to share with you. Life experiences, love stories, great lessons. I also love to cut little pieces of life and put them together to create stories when it is possible. And I think all that is done with passion is well done.

Dream big, BElieve in YOUrself, work hard and you will find your happiness. Never forget that happiness always start with you and make peace with yourself even when you are ready to leave the world behind. Delete the “can’t”s from your vocabulary, if your mind can think at it, be sure you also can do it. And never give up, because you are not alone, God is with you in this fight called life. The bad moments are just for learning, we will always keep in our skin and soul what we lived. We really need to go taught darkness to can see the stars, for this I am in love with that touch of sadness. We hate it when we feel it, but in fact we really need it. Without this, we can never recognize happiness, we can never be strong. The madness give me power to create.


As I already say the football is the love of my life. Football is life, is feeling, is passion and madness together. It is so me! For this I am sure that some football stories should to be also shared here. What do you love? And most of all do you love what you do? Never ask for advice around for the things you love. Life is feeling and if you are enough courageous to accept this, it will be amazing. Listen to your heart and give it what she ask for, run for your dreams and don’t regret nothing.

Happiness is the most important obligation we have and we own it in our hands, but after this come the concept of sharing. We don’t need to explain nothing from what we are, but I think is our responsibility to share our experiences if we want a better world. We need to learn together and don’t let the solitary and shy people to feel alone in the worst tries. And sometimes just to see that another person already lived exactly what you are living now is the best cure ever. In my childhood this medicine has called “books”, now the technology give us more opportunities, killing in the same time some good essences. So, let’s be better! Let’s do it together!




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